Go Further, Faster

Open innovation is driving faster and more impactful product development.

More minds. Many solutions.

We get it. It takes years to get product from mind to market. We’re turning innovation on its head and opening product development to a community of passionate designers, engineers and creatives from all fields. Collaborate with our community and find great solutions to technical, analytical and design problems.

Faster time to market

You can take products from mind to market in 90 days — let us show you how.

Diversity of ideas

Divergent concepts lead to game-changing solutions

High value solutions

Manage the cost of new product development through an open framework that allows you to test before you scale.

Come on in, we're open!

Breaking down the walls of your organization can have huge benefits for the sustainability of your product innovation pipeline. Open innovation is the best way to discover your core value proposition, build momentum for your ideas, and create products that your customers will be passionate about.

Market Awareness

Exposure to real world needs, pressures and intel can set you on the right path toward product market fit.

Community Involvement

Strong vocal communities influence change and engagement with them improves agility mid-stream the product development process.

Reward and Protect

We have developed an integrated strategy that will allow you to build your IP portfolio while collaborating with an open community.

How Giddy Works

Build a Brief

We help you to define the core problem and develop a design brief that presents a solvable challenge to the Giddy community.

Launch a Challenge

We will launch the challenge to Giddy’s community of creative product developers and let them get to work.

Give Feedback

Maximize your experience by contributing to the community working on your projects. Help guide the creators towards your vision of excellence and achieve brand alignment.

Select a Winner

You select from the winner(s) a variety of options developed by the Giddy community. The winning creators will win prizes and intellectual property will transfer to you.

From mind to market

Millions of Americans crave chewable nugget ice, but can't afford the pricey undercounter models.

Ismael Ramos developed a countertop nugget ice maker with an impressive clear ice bin that showcases the frosty ice pearls.

The Opal Nugget Ice Maker has generated over $10,000,000 in sales and was a top-10 all time product on Indiegogo.